IUGA & Bekkenbodem4All Present Bekkenbodembal

Public Forum

The IUGA Public Forum has started to raise awareness about the prevention and treatment options and to get women talking about a topic that is often uncomfortable or considered taboo. IUGA began offering a Public Forum program to the public each year in the location of its Annual Meeting in 2011. The first IUGA Public Forum was provided in 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal.  Since that first program, IUGA has held Public Forums in Brisbane, Australia; Dublin, Ireland; Nice, France; Cape Town, South Africa; Vancouver, Canada; and Vienna, Austria.

IUGA’s 48th Annual Meeting was held this year in The Hague, The Netherlands. IUGA organizes the Public Forum in collaboration with the Dutch Patient Organization Bekkenbodem4All. It was an informative theater show, with humor and entertainment, called ‘Bekkenbodembal’. Keep an eye out for details for the IUGA 49th Annual Meeting being held in Singapore, 2024!

This Public Forum will be recorded, translated to English and made available (after the Public Forum) as a video for you here.

Last Virtual Public Forum (March 2022):