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Carol, USA

Before Treatment
While straining to have a bowel movement I felt like I delivered a football. When I checked I felt my bladder sticking out of my vagina. Before treatment I had a constant feeling of pressure, sitting on a ball and something between my legs. My urine stream went all over the place like a hose. I felt very self-conscious. I just felt something wasn’t right with me. My gyn confirmed my diagnosis a few days later and referred me to a urogyn who I saw a couple months later. Hindsight I must have had mild prolapses after giving birth via forceps with a medio-lateral episiotomy 38 years prior because tampons would fall out and my stress incontinence got worse but none of my gyns ever told me. I was also never screened for and warned about dangers of constipation.

I contacted my gyn when I found my cystocele. He saw me, confirmed my diagnosis and referred me to a urogyn. The urogyn’s office sent me a packet of forms and questionnaires to fill out and return before my visit. My exam was very extensive and my urogyn explained everything he did. After my urogyn told me I had a grade 4 cystocele, grade 2 uterine prolapse, grade 2 rectocele, large vaginal opening and mixed incontinence and if I wanted it repaired I would need surgery. He drew me pictures, gave me a packet of information, showed me mesh, discussed the type surgery he would recommend for lifetime repair – transvaginal with mesh – and why – I had a gastric bypass and abdominal surgery was not ideal, suffer from allergies and asthma, am overweight. After my urodynamics testing we met and scheduled a vaginal extraperitoneal colpopexy with graft, anterior & posterior colporrhaphies, perineorrhaphy and mid-urethral sling with epidural and IV sedation. My surgery has been a success and changed my life.

After Treatment
My life has been changed by my surgery. I no longer have a bladder sticking out of my vagina, no longer have a cervix trying to stick out, no longer have a constant feeling of needing a bowel movement. I no longer have a constant feeling of having to void, no longer wet my underwear when I sneeze or cough or get up. My body image has improved and I love my body. My surgical and recovery time were quick, I had no pain, did not need to take narcotics, was walking the hospital room night of surgery and halls after catheter was taken out, was not bedridden and able to care for myself, was able to slowly return to normal activities, had no abdominal incisions. I can now go several hours without having to void, I no longer have to strain to have a bowel movement, no longer have constant feeling of stool still in rectum, I am no longer embarrassed, intercourse is great. No woman should have to suffer the discomforts and embarrassment of POP. In the hands of a fellowship trained, FPMRS urogynecologist treatment utilizing transvaginal mesh is safe, long lasting, low risk of complications, decreased surgical and recovery times, less pain if not pain free.

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