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Jeannette, New Zealand

Before Treatment
I was experiencing a very full feeling lower down, problems with going to the toilet for both urine and bowels and I was really uncomfortable for a long time. I kept putting off doing anything about it for years as I was not keen on an operation. I tried exercises and thought it would get better. I saw one specialist who recommended that the prolapse of my uterus be operated on as the best outcome. I dithered and dithered as I was very nervous. Meanwhile the prolapse was getting worse and causing other problems. The prolapse started to be felt outside of my body, it was uncomfortable to walk, and I had a heavy feeling in my back, poor urine flow and severe constipation. I was not incontinent and was worried that the operation would make me incontinent as I had read that this could be a possibility. Eventually I found this so debilitating that I went along to see a gynecologist.

The gynecologist examined me and put me at ease. She explained the procedure Anterior and Posterior Colporrhaphy, perineorrhaphy and sacrospinous fixation and said after it was repaired, I would feel a lot better. She was correct. The operation went very well. I was in minimal pain, in fact, when I left the hospital (after the two days) I was in no pain at all and had no painkillers of any description. I followed the doctors’ advice, no heavy lifting, etc., and I had no complications afterwards. I was a bit tired for a few weeks. I thought I was all ok, so one day I went out to the mall to do a bit of necessary shopping and found walking around too much made me feel uncomfortable. I was back to normal after 5 weeks and after 6 weeks hardly remembered what it was like before the operation.

After Treatment
I am so happy that I finally plucked up the courage to get the uterine prolapse repaired. I can go walking without feeling my insides are on the outside. My fears that I would be incontinent were groundless. I had a wee bit of a problem moving my bowels, as I suffer with bad constipation, this has improved as time has gone by. The prolapse repair has been a real success; I feel normal now and hardly think of that area at all. Whether it is the operation itself or the expertise of the gynecologist, I am so happy that I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and have the repair. What took me so long!

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