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Margaret, New Zealand

Before Treatment
I am now 72 and my suspicions that I had a prolapse into the vagina began when I was about 65. Slowly over the next 5 years the prolapse began to grow larger and more uncomfortable and I felt I should investigate further. At this point (I was now 70) I asked my GP to refer me to a local Gynaecologist, on the recommendation of a friend.

The Gynaecologist confirmed I did have a prolapse but it was not yet of suitable size for an operation. In the meantime she inserted a ring pessary for me. The ring was replaced twice in the following 12 months but bleeding developed from rubbing of the ring against the vaginal wall. Stress incontinence when gardening or vigorous exercise also gradually became a part of my daily life so I now required a pad. By January 2020 I was on the operating list for a TVT and Anterior Repair. This was performed in June and was the easiest and most pain free operation I have ever had. I only took pain relief the day of the operation and the following day when I came home. I followed advice to treat my body very gently in convalescence – it is a soft tissue operation.

After Treatment
7 weeks later I feel wonderful and have been given approval to return to fitness classes and my other activities. Best of all I no longer have stress incontinence (although I know I need to practice pelvic floor exercises daily) and my prolapse discomfort has gone completely. Without hesitation I would highly recommend these procedures to any other woman seeking treatment. It is so easy and the results so worthwhile.

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