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Ann, New Zealand

Before Treatment
Over the last several years, I have had a couple of gynecological issues, including endometriosis, uterine fibroids and small masses/cysts. I also had bladder leakage. Thinking back, I don’t know which issue was worse. Once I had my gynecological issues resolved, my bladder leakage continued, and I was left with a nice case of “Now what?” It took several visits to doctors and some online reading to find out about TVT, and the specialists who do this surgery. It was amazing to see that such a simple procedure could help find me a whole new way of living – leak free.  

My procedure was quick, not too hard on my body, and gave me some peace of mind. The day after the surgery, I felt that I had done all that I could (and so did the doctors) to fix my issue.

After Treatment
I have not had any leaks since before the surgery. I know that this varies, so I feel very fortunate. My six-week recovery time went by fast. I was able to resume work and be productive throughout the day – without the worry of leakage!

Now, I am making plans to get back into women’s football and I will continue coaching, with a more active role next season. I am not hesitating to do physical things, and I am finding myself happier about life.

One simple piece of material, some great surgeons, and less than an hour of time gave me back my life. I was very concerned about the surgery and worried until the moment they put me under. I wish that I had spent that time thinking of fun things to do when I became cleared to do activities. Thank goodness there are people willing to specialize in this field. Urinary incontinence stole a little bit of my dignity, but I refused to let it steal my life, my joy, or my happiness. My hope is that women become more aware of this procedure and make their lives better.

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