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Ann, New Zealand

Before Treatment
I had leakage for at least 7 years. The last three years it was so bad I couldn’t even breathe without leakage. I couldn’t socialise because I would wet myself. I stopped visiting friends as I was embarrassed by the number of pads I needed. I became a recluse and stopped having sex with my partner. I stayed home all the time, I felt really depressed and felt quite suicidal. I tried to take my life it got so bad. When my grandchildren commented on my nappies, I felt brave enough to go to the doctor. I tried pelvic floor exercises and they weren’t enough. I saw a specialist who recommended a TVT sling.

The surgery for incontinence was wonderful, the sling worked immediately. The surgery wasn’t painful, and I was in hospital less than a day. I was careful for six weeks after surgery

After Treatment
My life has changed drastically. I can go and socialise without worrying. I’m dry, I feel more confident. I used to wet my bed so I slept on the couch with a plastic sheet so that I didn’t ruin my mattress. Now I’m back in my bed. I feel I have more control over my life and feel I can go back to work again. I would encourage any woman suffering like I have to seek help sooner rather than later.

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