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Anonymous, Italy

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Before Treatment
I had suffered with stress incontinence for years; living with incontinence at the age of 40 was really discouraging. I was unable to perform everyday activities such as working, walking, raising children, doing any kind of physical activity; even laughing was now a problem. The discomfort was tangible; I was concerned about the bad smell and as a result was always looking for the nearest toilet. I was absolutely desperate. I went to see my doctor who recommended a course of physiotherapy. However, this wasn’t enough to solve my problem. The doctor then recommended surgery with a mid-urethral sling. I had a transobturator sling.

After Treatment
Following surgery my life has changed. I had to go to hospital and had to be careful with some activities after surgery but I was absolutely repaid: no more urinary incontinence, I could do sports activities in complete freedom, goodbye unpleasant odor, goodbye the need for available toilets, goodbye sanitary napkins or incontinence underwear. I can now walk, run, stand for hours. The surgery allowed me to take back my life as a mother and a woman, first of all. I highly recommend it to those suffering from this disabling discomfort which is often little understood by external people.

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