Status Plus

Kimberly, USA

Before Treatment
After having two children, I had severe stress incontinence issues. I am a figure skater and also active in other sports. I found I had to wear a full-size maxi pad in order to participate in any impact activities. I lived in fear of unexpected laughing or sneezing. I had to wear a pad almost constantly. I heard about the TVT sling on a radio program. I thought about it for another couple of years before I could no longer tolerate the inconvenience.

My physician suggested I try biofeedback first, to be sure I had exhausted all options. Although I was considered a highly motivated patient, biofeedback was unsuccessful at stopping the incontinence. We then decided on the TVT sling. Once I recovered from the procedure, I found it had worked exactly as I had hoped. Absolutely no more stress incontinence.

After Treatment
It has been about ten years since I had the procedure and I have not looked back. I have had ZERO problems with the procedure. No pain, no leakage. It worked. I am so glad to have had this done. I have resumed all my pre-incontinence activities. I no longer fear spontaneous laughter! This procedure was the SMARTEST health care decision I have ever made. I would recommend it to anyone with stress incontinence.

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