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Lisa, New Zealand

Before Treatment

I had been struggling for a couple of years with urinary incontinence and over the last 8 months it was becoming progressively worse. I couldn’t exercise without leaking and just sneezing or coughing would be extremely embarrassing for me. I have always exercised and kept myself fit but I had given up even trying as it was so difficult to manage and annoying having to wear pads which were just uncomfortable.


I decided to see my doctor who then put me in touch with a gynaecologist. Once diagnosed she recommended a TVT sling. I found the pre-op information very factual and it helped me make an informed decision to go ahead with the operation. The procedure took about 45 minutes under general anaesthetic. Within a couple of weeks I could already feel the difference. I began light walking after three weeks and had no sensation of leakage.

After Treatment
I’m now 6 weeks post op and so far I’m still feeling well. I’m now able to start more physical activity and have had NO Leaks at all. I’m much happier in myself and can finally put this blip in my life behind me. There’s so much literature out there on Google doctor! and so much misinformation surrounding urinary incontinence procedures it really made me nervous to approach anyone. If I can help anyone who reads this, it’s to go and seek specialist advice and ask lots of questions and make sure it’s right for you.

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